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...from your pet snapshots to art

We capture the essence of the relationship between you and your pet in a museum quality artwork...a forever memory.
Each project is custom tailored to suit the personality of your furry pal. You send us your snapshots, and we masterfully transform them into a fantastical work of art.
Whether the bond with your pet involves your business or your life, we distill your relationship into a visual masterpiece. 
black scottie snapshot
Project Maxie

Dear Maxie passed away last year. We learned that her favorite pastime was chasing squirrels. We converted this snapshot into a work of art celebrating the thing she loved most. The image was delivered to her momma as a giclée canvas print.

Project Maxie
Project Rudi

Rudi's mom is the owner of famed San Miguel store Abrazos. A stunning model for Patrice Wynne's facemasks, Rudi serves here as a role model of how to and how not to wear a facemask for the safety of all!

Project Charlie 2

Rodd and his Best Furry Friend love adventure. We put them up in the air to celebrate their inner explorers!

Rodd and Charlie
Project Charlie 2
Project Tomasito

Tomas loves going for rides around town on the four wheeler. We created an artwork of naughty Tomasito breaking quarantine and riding the moto out of town to visit his girlfriend out in the campo.

Molly Mae with her toy snapshot
Project Molly Mae

What better way to celebrate renowned author and professor Julia Markus than turning her dog into an avid reader of her favorite novel? 

Project Molly Mae
Charlie snapshot
Project Charlie

Charlie seems shy until the spotlight is turned on him. Then his inner queen truly shines! 

Project Charlie
Project Cavaliers

This brother-sister pair love to watch birds go by from the front porch of their home. Their momma loves exotic flowers and birds, so we placed the dogs in a fantastical purple garden full of colorful birds, creating a mystical nirvana for them to inhabit.

Nala sitting in window snapshot
Project Nala
Project Nala

Nala may be a house cat, but underneath her fur she is a lioness. Her name came from a lead character in The Lion King, and she certainly rules the house.

Project Bo Diddley

Little Bo's mom is a great photographer so we got some great shots to work with. They live in colonial San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, whose color and vivacity we used as inspiration for Bo's art.

Bo Diddley side view
Bo Diddley facing front
Project Bo Diddley
Project Blue

Blue's favorite thing to do is to go out to his grandparents' farm. Here he gets to run and play to his heart's content. So we decided to make him the farmer in charge of his grandparents' homestead.


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...from pet snapshot to art

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